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Multifunction systems managing mobile devices and sim cards

World leading Device Management Centre (DMC) is trusted by more than 70 MNOs, MVNO and MVNEs in 40 countries.

It combines fully automatic device detection, device configuration (including automatic configuration of handsets over-the-air with the correct VoLTE, ViLTE, VoWiFi and RCS settings) and management functionalities including always up-to-date device characteristics database and device base analytics and segmentation tools.

SIM card vendor-independent SIM management solution enabling a flexible and cost-efficient SIM Management without vendor lock-in.

It enables management of SIM cards, Multi-SIM, eSIM and EUICC components making your SIM life-cycle more cost-efficient, secure and profitable. SIM Management solution is packed with unique features through which several mobile service providers have reduced their roaming costs and boosted roaming service revenues..

Modern customer experience management systems

The solution gives mobile operators the opportunity to monitor the real network Quality of Experience (QoE) straight from the subscriber’s perspective. It combines a mobile application and a powerful server interacting together over-the-air.

From investigating customer issues to analyzing the trends and evolutions of the quality of the mobile network, the solution covers the full spectrum of QoE and QoS for mobile operators.

Современная система управления опытом абонента
Global solutions for mobile security

Equipment Identity Register (EIR) is a fully standard compliant mobile network element enabling mobile service providers to protect their subscribers and networks from malfunctioning, fraudulent and stolen mobile devices.

Safer solution enables operators to conform even into the most demanding international homeland security regulations through security optimized real-time data analytics.

Partnership programs for subscribers and SME

Perfect solution for Telcos’ to expose the wealth of communication assets they have, making different communication mediums available on hassle free pay-as-you-go charging models, to anyone with a need for enabling communication to advance digital transformation and customer engagement.

Партнерские программы для абонентов и предприятий


Customer loyalty platform is the set of modules dedicated to a complete fulfilment of customer demands towards loyalty bonus programs, customers interactions based on their preferences and help to hold customers loyal and stimulate them towards active purchases.

The platform allows end-users the privilege for discounts and bonuses, given as part of loyalty program, bonus exchanges for different services while buying products from providers and also for dedicated actions determined by a program.

The special partner module serves for interaction and management of external partners in the frames of the launched loyalty program. Apart from this, any other external loyalty programs with bonus exchange or conversion, coupon generation or lotteries are possible to integrate and interact.



This option includes modules for face recognition, face verification and identification and recognition of machine readable lines in documents.

Face detection module allows to detect of faces at arbitrary angle even being partially hidden.

Face identification and verification module allows to:

  • Use stereopairs of two standard cameras for exact distance calculation between a face to registration cameras.

  • Use stereopairs of two standard cameras for exact distance calculation between a face to registration cameras.

  • Use both in cooperative (access control systems, turnstiles, frames, etc.) and non-cooperative (corridors, staircase, elevator halls) control.

  • To recognize all face images of one person during the time of being in camera observation zone (choice of the best angle is not necessarily is the best match with the image stored in the database).

  • Identify and verify the user within the minimal time (quantity of simultaneously recognized faces is not less than 350 per second).

  • Make decision on recognition within 0,1 second.

Recognition module for machine-readable lines in documents provides:

  • Reading and recognition of all standard documents formats both through standard MF printers and specialized scanners.

  • Document authentication validation.

  • High document processing speed.

  • Full process automation – data is detected, recognized, analyzed and verified automatically.

  • 360° - data capture at any angle and any position of the document.

  • More than 6000 documents types recognition in different languages.


Our solution is built IT-core corresponding to C4I class (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence), made specially for integration and operation of alert infrastructure of guarded objects’ security with scalability from a single closed perimeter (like airport or an industrial object) to a long range (like a state border).

The solution allows to reach maximum efficiency of existing technical and human resources by means of constant control on different command and management hierarchy levels.



Multimodule passenger transport management system from a leading European vendor is created for implementation and use by public transport carriers. With more than 40 years development history, this system is already successfully integrated into infrastructure of many countries.

The solution provides dispatchers with the continuous data of all active processes going on with carrier’s transport units. Thus, all the errors or malfunctions in transport work are detected and corrected immediately and transport resources are moving fast and efficiently.

This system allows a transport carrier to decrease dramatically operational costs. It also optimizes resource utilization, transport fleet and passengers travel time. With the integration with traffic lights priority system, the transport gets privilege to move any time, allowing passengers to get to destination points faster.

The system includes management modules and displays for driver and passengers, installed aboard on transport vehicle, intellectual decision support module, business information and analytics module, accident management module and also other components, including parking assist and vehicles arrangement in depot.


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